Camp CHAYAN Lansdowne is a beautiful camp located in between thick forest of Pine , provides two sides breath taking views of Hills & valley , Camp Chayan Lansdowne is located 24 Kms from Lansdowne on Tarkeshwar Mahadeo Road , There are 9 Safari Tents with attached washrooms as accommodation at Camp Chayan Lansdowne. Camps are covered with iron fence for security as Camp is located inside Pine forest , All 9 Camps have attached washrooms with running cold water , hot water is supplied by buckets without extra charges , All Tents have double bed with one extra bed , Bathroom Towels, Soap & Shampoo is provided as toiletries .

All Camps are located under dense forest of pine trees and all camps have beautiful sun set view. Camp site provides three side views all you have to do to walk few steps. Car parking is approx 150 meters walk away .

As Camp Chayan Lansdowne is located quite away from Lansdowne ( 24 Kms ) Perhaps it ads more fun to travelers as altitude of Camp Chayan is higher than Lansdowne and there are some more advantages of location of Camp Chayan Lansdowne , One advantage is one can play music and enjoy Bonfire as Playing music is not allowed at Lansdowne as Lansdowne is cantonment area, Second advantage is awesome location of Camp Chayan Lansdowne where guest can enjoy Three side views of Valley from Camp Chayan Lansdowne.

Camp Chayan Lansdowne is located very near to Tarakeshwar Mahadev Temple ( 11 Kms ) and Tarkeshwar Temple is a must visit place for tourists visiting Lansdowne and if tourists are living at Lansdowne they have to visit Tarkeshwar, So its better option for guests to stay at Camp Chayan with splendid view and in lap of mother nature and visit Lansdowne for sight seeing .

  • Camp Interiors at Camp Chayan Lansdowne
    Camp Interiors

Dining :

Dining is very interesting affair at Camp Chayan Lansdowne as it has hill top Dining built on top of hill and provides beautiful view. Where Chulha Roti Option is Also available ( Subject to Availability & Weather Conditions )


Plenty of adventure activities are provided on extra cost & on advance booking at Camp Chayan Lansdowne including rock climbing , Rappelling, Flying Fox , Burma Bridge , Commando Net , Zig Zag Bars Etc. Though Cat Walk & Trekking is part of Daily Packages.

Menu :

Breakfast : Poori , Aaloo Tamatar Sabzi Or Aaloo Paratha & Curd, Poha, Omelet

Lunch : Dum Aaloo , Mix Veg , Dal or Rajma , Chapati, Raita, Rice , Pickle , Salad, Papad

Dinner : Chicken Dish , Paneer Dish , Seasonal Veg , Dal or Rajma , Rice , Chapati , Pickle , Salad , Papad, Sweet Dish

Bonfire Snacks : Mix Veg Pakoras

Optional Food available on Prior Request : Chulha Roti , Dal Bati / Litti Chokha , Local Cuisine Mandava Roti & Saag.